The World is a Beautiful Place and I No Longer Want to Die, HARMLESSNESS:

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My gosh did Band of Horses, Modest Mouse and Death cab have a love child??? because they’re entirely the vibes I’m getting from The World is a Beautiful Place & I’m No Longer Afraid to Die’s (TWIABP) new record Harmlessness. Drawing on angsty almost (but never entirely) emo undertones the indie punk album deals with loneliness, anxiety and depressive notions, essentially its about life. The record is not seamless in composition but its centralisation on lead vocalist David Bello allows it to maintain consistency which their previous attempts have lacked. The album gets under your skin and into your head in the way catchy tunes can’t, in a way thats real and reflective of experience. Overall it is an album that simply needs to be listened to all critical appraisals aside and enjoyed for its impact and its rawness.