Grimes, Art Angels:

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Grimes, ART ANGELS:★★★★

Gritty, experimental and self aware are perhaps some of the terms many already associated with Canadian artist Grimes, but never have they been more present than in her latest offering ‘Art Angels’. Her fourth full length album, Art Angels, is largely self expressive, following Grimes’ trajectory in the music industry and her growth as an artist and person within it. Boucher herself has stated that the album stems from the industries attempts to mould her art and her resulting clash against all who attempt to control Grimes’ narrative. The album is not as whimsical as Grimes’ previous production, touching more upon punk undertones to subtly suggest Boucher’s seething anger at an industry that has tried to mould female experimentation into a joint production with men. She refutes the typically typecast production of female pop, writing and producing Art Angels as an entirely solo endeavor that won’t apologise for its experimental creative vision just like male artists never have to.

‘I’m ONLY a man and I do what I CAN’   

Hooks, infectious synths and Grimes’ incorporation of piano, guitar and violin for the first time allows Art Angels to confidently and self assuredly represent an artist who is ready to face the challenges imposed by the commercial world on an artist. Art Angels is Grimes promise to never bow to the pressure of the music industry, or play into  a conventional narrative. California, a weird amalgamation of pop, country and electronics (that just works) expresses this perfectly ‘I didn’t think you’d end up treatin’ me so bad’  ‘When you get bored of me, you just put me back up on the shelf’. She’s done with all your outdated bullshit Cali and refusing to be the female flavour of the month by playing unoriginal pop bullshit. BYE FELICIA.

TOP PICKS: ‘Kill v. Maim’, ‘Belly of the Beat’, ‘Flesh without blood’







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