Fact or Fiction.

Virgos tend to be neurotic bitches.

(FACT !!!)

And there we see it, anecdotal evidence for the factual nature of astrology and star signs, I mean damn son that shits definitely realer than kim kardashian’s ass (and maybe even realer than Kanye’s promise for a  2020 presidency run).

As a pragmatic and logical person I naturally find myself scanning astrology and birth charts for some individual sign of personal accuracy and desirable advice, something I very personally (along with a probable 6 billion others) can use to either justify past actions or pre-meditate future ones. Its all written in the stars you know, its science really…

and thats exactly what the pseudo science of astrology tries to sell itself as, an exact science, when really its a market that has been driven by selling universally applicable ideas to individuals who are naively seeking guidance. Its success lies in our desperation for our lives and our actions to have meaning and to be tied to a universally divined path. Essentially the use of astrology is alined with our self satisying use ofpositive bullshit like ‘when one door closes another one opens’ which makes us feel  a-ok because life has a plan for us!. Life hasn’t forgotten us because that other door is opening !, it hasn’t forgotten us because Leo is supposed to offer us a change in the form of finance between the 22nd & the 23rd of this month !, don’t worry there is a universally derived PLAN !!!. 

This desire for order is intrinsic to the human condition, and as a new age phenomena astrology is the perfect low-key and low-involment way of allowing often logically driven people to introspectively and therefore guiltlessly indulge in what the universe will offer this month (will it be love or an office promotion, find out next week on ‘the star signs we live by’). 

Its popularity is also tied to the fact (see the way you can use ‘fact’ without actually using any evidence, v.concerning) that its message is not linked to an authority or derived from an overbearing figurehead. This allows us to feel like we are in control of our destiny when things are going right and that the randomness of the universe is at play when things of wrong. While you can blame a God for allowing your cousins cancer you can’t blame the universe because its just the natural path of life and death, its totally random. 

You can’t escape life, but you can change it. 

And that’s exactly what star signs offer all, a chance to reflexively consider our immediate futures and the actions we will undertake to direct them. Its kind of like visiting a guidance councillor only more immediate and introspective, we take away what we want to and add to it as we wish. We feel like its all going to be ok but it is still our actions which finally determine this.  

ps. Mercury is once again in retrograde for all (probably) so be open minded and something open-minded-y will happen (you’re welcome). 

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