My Own Pet Radio, GOODLUM:

album review


My Own Pet Radio, GOODLUM ★★★ 3/4

Ball Park Music frontman Sam Cromack’s solo project My Own Pet Radio is an eclectic, conceptual and experimentally driven venture. Goodlum, is MOPR’s inaugural album and according to Cromack the result of flogging too much ‘Kid A’ as a teenager. The change of direction and experimentation which drove Radiohead’s critically divisive ‘Kid A’ is also apparent in MOPR’s conceptual album which attempts to create art rather than BPM’s traditionally catchy tunes. Though not attempting to be ‘hits’ many songs also do not quite reach the image of self reflexivity the album attempts to project. Cromack’s maturing is however apparent and the album sees him attempt to grapple with his life choices and his accept his resulting person. Such expressions of sincerity are present in opening single ‘no great mystery to me’ and following tune ‘goodlum’ which explore our own ability to limit ourselves all the while sounding like a beautiful mesh of Radiohead and Chetfaker (yes please!) .

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